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Planned features v1.0.2:

+ Thinking...

Future features:

  • Further ER optimizations.
  • Possible algorithm performance improvement

PRE V1.0.2 changes list:
+ Added parallel edges logic call in GraphArea.UpdateAllEdges() method
UPD: 07/11/2013: v1.0.1 is ready and armed! Looking for some performance tweaks using some new C# code practices i've studied ^^

UPD: 06/11/2013: I've tried to port GraphX to silverlight but unfortunately it is so heavy WPF built so it requires almost every aspect of the library to be rewritten for SL. The only way to do so is to develop standalone SL project with less features and capabilities and this is also very time consuming task... so the idea is abandoned for now.

UPD: 18/10/2013: Finally released v1.0.0! There are some odd zooming behaviour things left but overall i think the lib looks stable. Now i think on the features list for the next releases...

UPD: 09/08/2013: Implemented some fixes for the bugs found by users. Have little time right now for further development due to arrangement on another project.

UPD: 22.07.2013: Added some new cool animations for vertices and edges. Check the docs at Animation docs .

UPD: 19.07.2013: BETA 0.9.5 released.
UPD: 18.07.2013: Accumulating fixes and fixing bugs. get ready for 0.9.5 release.

UPD: 26.06.2013: Incoming new edge routing algorithm...

UPD: 25.06.2013: made soft fix for drag problem. Updated docs with many articles. Added CompoundFDP layout algorithm from Graph#.

UPD: 19.06.2013: v0.9.4 has been released. SL investigation is delayed till i'll have more time to play with it.

UPD: 18.06.2013: Fixed some annoying things with coordinates but still struggling drag & zoom bugged behaviour. Also i've decided not to implement curved text along the edges as it impacts performance greatly and existing solutions are not optimized well.

Decided to update docs on the fly so some articles now may describe features available only in the latest sources.

UPD: 10.06.2013: Currently working on zooming and coordinates optimizations. This is the whole hell of pain honestly...

UPD: 04.06.2013
Injected new Xceed Zoombox control into the library. It works great and have a nice Overview (minimap) window. Now investigating this irritating vertex drag issue...

UPD: 03.06.2013
Planned some additional features.

UPD: 31.05.2013
Well, all the existing documentation sections has been roughly updated. Though i think i need to document some features such as templating and custom animation creation. Waiting for your bug reports as well (if any) and planning features for the next BETA release.

Version 0.9.3 BETA has been released. So many changes has been made that now i must shift my attention on to the Documentation section to make it as up to date as possible.

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