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All of the vertices uses rectangle shape as the default. Vertex shape affects how edge endpoints are calculated when edge is connected to the vertex. So it's looks like invisible math shape behind the vertex control which affects where the edge endpoint will be set for a vertex.
To provide better visual quality it is wise to have similar vertex math shape and visual shape (template). For different vertex representations there are several commonly used shapes available such as:
  • Rectangle
  • Diamond
  • Triangle
  • Circle

This approach is cost-effective as real visual shape-into-math conversion is cost-ineffective and can be done only in custom cases.

You can change vertex math shape for each vertex individualy using this property:
VertexControl.MathShape { get; set; }

Or you can set it for all vertices at once using this method:
GraphArea.SetVerticesMathShape(VertexShape shape)

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