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GraphX for .NET RELEASE v2.0.2

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Released: May 6, 2014
Updated: May 6, 2014 by panthernet
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Release Notes

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+ Added vertex control labels with following functionality:
+ 2 available positioning modes: by sides or by coordinates
+ Always attached to vertex and moves with it
+ Rotation angle support
+ Same template logic as in EdgeLabelControl
+ Added key modifiers to vertex event args
+ Added XAML templates usage example in WF project
+ Added new layout type Custom. When set layout algorithm calculation is skipped completely and manually added data is used for OR and ER algorithms (if any).
+ Added (reintroduced) GraphArea::SideExpansionSize property which gets or sets additional space for GraphArea borders. Useful for zoom adjustments when custom text or controls which are not used in size calculations must fit into the zooming.
+ Added IGraphControlFactory-Interface and Implementation for Edge and Vertex controls creation (thanks to Paul Mandalka)
+ Added simple Nuget-Package specification for GraphX (use createPackage.bat to create the nuget package for GraphX) (thanks to Paul Mandalka)
+ Added new ZoomControl::ZoomAnimationCompleted event (thanks to Paul Mandalka)
+ Fixed hidden edges update on vertex drag
+ Fixed PrintHelper::ExportToImage method to use DPI-Settings for Image Rendering (thanks to Paul Mandalka)
+ Fixed labels rendering for parallel edges. Now they are displayed separately for each edge.
+ Fixed async calculations being broken due to LogicCore property became dependency
+ Fixed ViewFinder not deriving ZoomControl content background
+ Fixed edge label update on alignment change
+ Fixed self-looped edges handling in GraphArea::GenerateEdgesForVertex() method
+ Fixed bugs with edge routing calculation in some cases
+ Fixed: Graph-Area LogicCoreProperty was registered using GraphAreaBase which could cause a problem (thanks to Paul Mandalka)
+ Fixed visual properties recovery terminating template values
+ Fixed Sugiyama and EfficientSugiyama algorithms calculation with only one vertex
+ Implemented some properties as dependencies
+ Implemented EdgeControl::IsSelfLooped property as read-only dependency property.
+ Reworked EdgeLabelControl inner logic. Should now be more flexible and performance efficient.
+ Reworked main objects hierarchy to use more interfaces for loosened conditions
+ Some code refactoring. Minor performance improvements.

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