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WPF Toolkit ZoomControl

Property ZoomControl.UseCtrlForMouseWheel can be used to toggle mouse wheel zooming using Ctrl modifier or without it.

Property ZoomControl.UseAbsoluteZoomOnMouseWheel can be used to enable absolute (center-oriented) zooming by mousewheel. Relative zooming is used by default.

Nice zoom-in animation after new graph generation can be achieved by using this code:
tg_zoomctrl.Zoom = 0.01; //disable zoom control auto fill animation by setting this value
tg_zoomctrl.ZoomToFill();//manually update zoom control to fill the area

Xceed Zoombox control

Added new property FreeDragEnabled to allow free layout dragging (not panning as it not allows to interact with objects but dragging allows) operation on an empty space (like ZoomControl works by default)

New Zoombox property AreaSelectionBrush allows to set the color of the selection area.

New Zoombox property SelectionModifiers makes possible to select the area like the ZoomToSelectionModifiers but with the final result of AreaSelected event call. With this feature you can get the selection Rect as the event param and use it for ex. for the multiple vertices selection. You can find an example in the showcase app at the Dynamic Graph page.

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