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You can notice odd zoom control behaviour when dragging any vertex to the top or left sides of the container area. This is displayed as ultra-fast movement and zooming.

You can try to soften this behaviour by setting GraphArea.UseNativeObjectArrange = false
This will change GraphArea arranging and measuring methods resulting in soft dragging but also in some side effects that yet hasn't been fixed.

When this mode is enabled:
  • Vertex drag prohibited if only 1 vertex remains in the layout
  • Zoombox Fit method will not fit all of the layout into the view as its size now don't corresponds to the visual representation of the layout.
  • If you operate with Drag and Drop vertices into the layout yoo no longer need to add GraphArea.Translate shift to the resulting coordinates as it is not used in this mode.

You can also use the old ZoomControl with the GraphArea.UseNativeObjectArrange = false that will result in totally good drag behaviour and without side effects. Additional note: to get realy good dragging behaviour you can call ZoomToFill() method (for ex. after graph generation) and then set Mode property to Custom - this will result in stable view no matter where you will drag vertices.

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