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GraphX for .NET RELEASE v2.1.8

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Released: May 15, 2015
Updated: May 18, 2015 by panthernet
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Release Notes

GraphX release at:

+ Added basic support for Image based edge pointers. Introduced new object for EdgeControl template: WPF, METRO(bugged)
1. EdgePointerImage class with name "PART_EdgePointerImageForSource" - marks edge source pointer (new!)
2. EdgePointerImage class with name "PART_EdgePointerImageForTarget" - marks edge target pointer
Look in GeneralTemplate.xaml of ShowcaseApp.WPF project.
Added rotation support for image based edge pointers
+ Added extensibility to corresponding controls by inheriting from IEdgeLabelControl and IEdgePointer WPF, METRO
+ Added extensibility to corresponding controls by inheriting from IVertexLabelControl WPF, METRO
+ Added support method GraphArea::GetVertexControlAt(Point position) to get VC by coordinates METRO, WPF
+ Added VertexControl::GetCenterPosition() method to get vertex center position instead the default top-left WPF, METRO
+ Added new showcase example: Templates/Graph editor WPF
+ Added new option GraphArea::LogicCoreChangeAction which defines what action will be taken on LogicCore property change. You can rebuild graph now. WPF, METRO
+ Added new sync calculation cancellation feature WPF, METRO thanks to jorgensigvardsson
+ Added new property EdgeLabelControl::DisplayForSelfLoopedEdges which is self explaining WPF, METRO
+ Fixed edge labels display for self looped edges WPF, METRO
+ Fixed annoying data binding error in ZoomControl slider binding METRO, WPF
+ Fixed ZoomControl unresponsivness after startup (prev needed to change zoom/translation first to work fine) WPF,METRO
+ Fixed ZoomControl::Zoom property bug on empty content window resize WPF, METRO
+ Fixed dynamic graph showcase example first vertex auto zooming onto WPF
+ Fixed some issues in ShowcaseApp.WPF
+ Fixed GraphArea::DeserializeFromFile() logic and filestorage logic to properly restore internal data for loaded graphs WPF, METRO
+ Fixed calculation of label control position and angle WPF, METRO thanks to jorgensigvardsson
+ Implemented EdgeControl::LabelVerticalOffset property as dependecy WPF, METRO
+ Updated default control templates to include some new properties setup by default WPF, METRO
+ Optimized showcase app media files
+ Improved extensibility by making some methods virtual for EdgeLabelControl, VertexLabelControl, EdgeControl

!Breaking changes
+ Renamed and changed to Enum - ZoomControl::UseAbsoluteZoomOnMouseWheel to MouseWheelZoomingMode METRO, WPF
+ Expanded EdgeControl event args with mouse and keyboard modifiers WPF
+ Moved all WPF interfaces to GraphX.Controls.Models.Interfaces namespace and all METRO interfaces to GraphX.METRO.Controls.Models.Interfaces WPF, METRO
+ Edge rotation now needs additional modification for all custom EdgeLabelControl templates. Please add: <Setter Property="RenderTransformOrigin" Value="0.5,0.5" />WPF, METRO
+ Due to new calc cancelation feature the following has been changed:
- IExternalEdgeRouting, IExternalLayout, IExternalOverlapRemoval interfaces and different algorithm base classes now implement Compute(CancellationToken cancellationToken) method with an additional param
- METRO now works only in async mode. Postfix Async has been added for GraphArea graph generation and relayout methods.

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