Project Description
GraphX for .NET is an advanced open-source graph visualization library that supports different layout algorithms and highly customizable features. It is capable of rendering large amount of vertices and steadily moves to support the most popular .NET platforms. GraphX already served well as the foundation for many other projects where its functionality was irreplaceble.
Main GraphX libraries can be used in both C# and VB for .NET using WPF, WinForms or METRO technologies.

GraphX is free product opened for collaboration.

If you want to donate for the future project development you are welcome!


GraphX has moved to the portal! You can find Documentation, Forums and Downloads there!

Repository has been moved to GitHub.



Read about GraphX in an interview on InfoQ

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  • Performance oriented library design to deal with large amount of graph vertices.
    • Large amount of graph vertices rendering
    • Separated visual and logic libraries usage
    • Constantly improving MVVM support
  • Internal support for Graph# algorithms ( FR, KK, ISOM, LinLog, Simple Tree, Simple Circle, Sugiyama, CompoundFDP, FSA/FSAOneWay overlap removal).
  • Advanced graph edges features:
    • Support for parametrized edge routing algorithms (SimpleER, EdgeBundling, PathFinder)
    • Support for dynamic and/or single edge routing calculation (for ex. for dragged vertex)
    • Edges curving (smoothing) technique that can be applied to any ER algorithm
    • Dynamic templated edge labels
    • Easy templating including dashed edges of several types
    • Edge arrow drawing control
    • Optional self-looped edges visualization support
    • Optional parallel edges visualization support between vertices
  • Advanced graph vertex features
    • Easy vertex drag and highlight support
    • Support for different vertex math shapes for proper edge connections rendering
    • Customizable vertex labels support 
  • Easy support for user-defined external layout, overlap removal and edge routing algorithms.
  • Configurable vertex and edge controls highlighting system based on behaviour mechanics.
  • Vertex and edge move animation support. Up to 3+ different modes!
  • Universal graph Save/Load methods using YAXLib interfaces
  • Graph state saving and loading allows the capture and store in-memory visual and data graphs.
  • Async algorithm computation support.
  • Rich usability documentation.

Additional Features:

  • Built in enchanced zoom control with minimap and zooming features   
    • Support for area selection of the vertices
    • Support for area zooming and smooth animations
  • Design-time visual preview for all controlsSeveral example projects.
  • Several example projects.

SCREENS: Version 2.1.7


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